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April 7, 2023

Titanic - There Was Room on the Door!

Titanic - There Was Room on the Door!

Why Are You Like This? Ep. 3

For most of the month of March, Sydney was on a cruise ship in Norway. To celebrate, we have another installment of our recurring segment, "Why Are You Like This?" to cover a different disastrous cruise: the Titanic! This movie is for Sydney what the Star Wars trilogy is for Anthony--that is to say, a true core text. Was there actually room on the door? Is it okay to just watch this movie for the ship content? How much does true love really matter at the end of the world? All of this and more is on the docket, so pull on your life preservers and get in the lifeboat, loser, we're taking to the sea!

This episode contains explicit language as well as extensive discussions of maritime disasters.

Co-Hosts: Sydney Painter and Anthony Pinggera

Theme music by Dana Wilentz.

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