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Enjoyable, educational, and friendly listen

I have been binging I’m a Sophisticate and truly enjoying it! The hosts have great rapport and treat Taylor Swift, The Sex Pistols, and Velvet Underground with the same respect. They are great at describing the general feeling a particular musician or movie imparts, and that can be so hard to convey. They’ve made me interested in music, movies, and books I would not have sought out otherwise.

Great podcast!

Interesting conversations, well executed, and fun! Highly recommended!

Smart funny onboarding

Wonderful nonthreatening introduction to cultural works of value. Good way to broaden one’s horizons and get into something new when youre in a rut.

They Are A Sophisticate…And Now So Am I

Came for the sophistication…stayed for the banter, nuanced takes, and hilarity of the hosts. Actually succeeds in making me curious about music/film I was unfamiliar with. Also they’re just *interesting* people…and now I feel more interesting listening to this podcast

Thanks for the laughs!

If you’re having a rough day, shake it off with this with Episode Six (Taylor’s Version). I love how much fun the hosts are having with each other on this episode. Super informative! I solid journey through the world of Taylor Swift! <3

Two thumbs up!

This podcast is an oral book report about film and music but written by comedy nerds with way too much time on their hands. Like a queer millennial Siskel and Ebert. It’s fun whether you’re familiar with whatever the weekly topic is or if you aren’t. Can jump in whenever too.

So great!

I love this podcast and these people! You should listen.