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May 12, 2023

Dolly Parton, Part 2 - The Light of a Clear Blue Morning

Dolly Parton, Part 2 - The Light of a Clear Blue Morning

We return with a vengeance for the second part of our first (intentional) two-parter as we cover the last twenty-five years of Dolly Parton's oeuvre. Topics of discussion include the Kenny G-ification of '90s music, Dolly's changing relationship with the divine, and the weird right-wing 2003 time capsule that is "For God And Country." Strap in, folks: this Backwoods Barbie is about to get weird with it.

This episode contains explicit language, as well as brief discussions of violence, including the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Co-Hosts: Sydney Painter and Anthony Pinggera

Theme music by Dana Wilentz.

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