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March 8, 2023

Boogie Nights and Pixies - Except the Little Fish!

Boogie Nights and Pixies - Except the Little Fish!

Sometimes, the art of the past should stay in the past. This week, we listened to the band without whom the best music of the Nineties would not exist: Pixies! Does a groundbreaking band still feel fresh and new 35 years later? We certainly aim to find out. Then, we sit down for a viewing of the movie that made Paul Thomas Anderson a household name, that paen to the adult film industry of the 1970s, Boogie Nights! Is it possible to hate something more than we hated "Chinatown"? We certainly aim to find out.

This episode contains graphic language, as well as discussions of pornography and violence, including sexual violence and violence against women.

Co-Hosts: Sydney Painter and Anthony Pinggera

Theme music by Dana Wilentz.

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